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Egyptian-Themed Designer's Lair Hits The Market Downtown

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UPDATE— The home is designed by John Robert Wiltgen, who is also the seller. Thanks to our commenters and to Joe Zekas for the YoChicago video tour.

The private residence of a well-known designer, this 2/2 corner unit at the Metropolitan Place building belongs at Epcot Center. We doubt there's anything quite so "Egyptian" in all of Egyptian real estate. Hieroglyphic hand-painted murals cover most of the unit, and they're way more vibrant and colorful than the real deal buried in the Pyramids. Speaking of Pyramids, in an added twist, the master bedroom is cast as an ancient crypt. The theme also extends to furnishings, tabletop crafts, porcelain floors, and onyx doorknobs. High ceilings, a fireplace, and a balcony bring some conventional allure. Clearly, this place is meant for the buyer who wishes to inherit such a marvel, not destroy it. Otherwise, there's no shortage of stale 2-bed condos on the market for $395K. We've had some trouble pinning down the designer, and we're awaiting response from the listing agent. Can anyone out there help us fill in the blank?
·Listing: 130 S Canal St. #615 [Prudential Rubloff]