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3/3 Coop At Art Deco Sensation The Powhatan Lists For $325K

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It's a windy ride down LSD, but if the winds are just right you'll end up at The Powhatan in Kenwood, synonymous with exemplary Art Deco craftsmanship. Considered reflective of Eliel Saarinen's runner-up design for The Tribune Tower, The Powhatan was the work of Robert S. de Golyer and Charles L. Morgan in 1929. Known as a heavily-staffed full-service coop building, it even retained round-the-clock elevator operators! With such a classy get, there's never too many units on the market at once.

Of the three current MLS-listed units, the most affordable just hit the market: A three-bed, 2,400-square foot, 12th floor lake-facing unit for $325K. An almost-unbeatable price on the North Side, this happens to be one of the far South Side's most extravagant and expensive buildings. The unit in question is adorned with hardwood floors, elegant built-ins, huge butler's pantry, living room w/ wood-burning fireplace, and two suite-style bedrooms. Building membership includes valet parking, an awesome Art Deco indoor pool, and use of various formal rooms. And then there's all the Native American iconography embedded in the building— all the rage in the roaring twenties, and now either quaint or embarrassing.
·Listing: 4950 S Chicago Beach Drive #12B [Draper & Kramer]
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