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Two Years In, Finally Some Give On Large Alta Vista Rowhome

Here's an Alta Vista rowhome listing that shouldn't be news to anyone: it recently marked two years on the market. The sellers are on their fourth brokerage. One of the largest homes on the storied block of 40 historic homes united in architectural interplay, it's got some incredibly sedate decor— an injustice to the magnificence of such an address. The homeliness is so heavy and viscous, it's hard to see through to its underpinnings. But the good stuff is still there: bowed-out window bays; a wood-burning fireplace; and, original doors. Amidst the dullness are notable creature comforts like a chef's kitchen w/ built-in TV, skylights, and a terrace. We oughta mention, the 2,400-square-foot home somehow manages seven bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. And yet, the market has been unyielding at the longstanding ask of $899K. A $119K price chop now has it down to $780K, but it might need to match up with its next-door neighbor if it expects to turn heads.
·Listing: 3825 N Alta Vista Terrace [Coldwell Banker]