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For $299K: Two-Bed "Rock Star Fabulous" Pad In Lakeview

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Nestled in a sedate part of Lakeview, far removed from the hedonism of Wrigleyville, this ornate 4-story beaut is home to the latest member of our Under $300K Club. A two-bed unit on the first floor is on the market for $299K, which leaves us with a mere one grand to spare. The listing raises the bar pretty high with its bold claim that the place is "rock star fabulous." But these restrained and traditional interiors don't exactly conjure up a rock star vibe. Though they may not rise to the elusive level of rock star fabulousness, they're still plenty nice, especially at this price point. You've got high ceilings, plenty of light coming in through a bay of large windows, and other details like crown molding and leaded glass for that touch of elegance. The 1,200-square foot home has been outfitted with a ton of upgrades and comes equipped with french windows and doors, gourmet kitchen, walnut floors, and a butler's pantry.
·Listing: 823 W. Oakdale, Unit 1A [Prudential Rubloff]