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Are Rents Criminal? $21K For A Duplex Penthouse Points To Yes

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Rents are on the rise, that we all know (Rentjuice's latest figures show a 15% spike in metro Chicago average rents from Q1 to Q2). And an outlier property like this 2-story, 6,000-square-foot Gold Coast penthouse certainly plays by its own rules. But $21,000/month?! Get outta town! That can't do much good for nearby affordability. The only thing more gag-inducing is the knowledge that the asking rent has actually come down from $26,000. So, what does this relative bargain net you? Three bedrooms; three-and-a-half baths; cathedral ceilings; an entertainment zone; billiards room; fitness room; and, an 800-square-foot terrace with lake views. Currently the most expensive rental of any kind on the MLS, if that's the sort of bragging right you're after, get on it already!
·Listing: 1244 N Stone Street PH [Jameson Sotheby's]