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PoMo Home w/ Basement Hot Tub, Slate Waterfall Asks $800K

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If it makes you laugh, shrug, or shake your head, it's probably postmodern. The collision of styles in this new-to-market late-90s three-bed is testament to someone looking to go their own route, so it's fair of the listing agent to claim it a "one-of-a-kind" property. After all, how many places have a two-story indoor slate waterfall? Or a hot tub lounge in the basement? There's also a super slick open fireplace straddling the kitchen and living room, and that unnecessary appendage that is the semi-circular facade-rupturing tower. We love it and hate it all at once. The home also comes equipped with birch floors, ramp walkways, a supple kitchen with concrete counters, and a second floor that includes a deck and indoor balcony perch. The ask? $799,900.
·Listing: 3117 N Hoyne Ave. [Koenig & Strey]