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Developer Of Old Children's Hospital Site Ramping Up Density

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And the beat goes on for the redevelopment of the old Children's hospital site in Lincoln Park. The facility is now virtually empty after staff, kids, and family members moved to the new Lurie Children's Hospital in Streeterville. Last December, we brought you news of preliminary plans by developer McCaffery Interests to build two highrises on the site, one in the range of 20 stories and the other, 16 stories. Now, it appears the high-rise portion of the project may be getting denser. According to a Sun-Times report, Daniel McCaffery is hoping to build a 25-story building between Lincoln and Fullerton and a 21-story building near Lincoln and Orchard. There are also plans for a 14-story hotel at Lincoln and Halsted on a site that appears to be occupied by the one of the terra-cotta structures McCaffery had said would likely be reused, though he could not guarantee would be saved. We're encouraged to learn that SOM has been brought in to work on the design. All this comes despite considerable neighborhood opposition to highrises at the site. And we'll be there to gauge community reaction and gather more enticing tidbits at an upcoming meeting on July 26, hosted by Ald. Michele Smith (43rd).
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