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Full Steam Ahead For Bucktown's Promising Urban Treehouse

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We're a little slow on the draw with this one, but it's certainly worth mentioning the resurrection of Urban Treehouse, as a partnership of Ranquist Development and Spartan Development. Four of the planned seven condo units (down from 10) returned to the MLS starting in mid-May: two 3-beds and two 3-bed penthouse units. One has a sale pending, but the other three are available. That's not to say they're ready for occupancy. We swung by the old Sisters of the Resurrection convent today to snag some shots of the conversion, alerted by reader accounts. And, while work is running at breakneck speed, the new flyer's timetable points to a fall delivery. The flyer also indicates that two units have been sold, and that all of the 2-bed floorplans were eliminated in the restructuring, presumably to protect the downsized project's profitability.

The least expensive unit currently on MLS is asking $575,800, and both penthouses are shooting for $739,800. Even though work resumed months ago, Ranquist's site still bears little information, pictorial or otherwise. We do know, from the listings, that the historic building carries with it thick masonry walls, 11' ceiling heights, and oversized windows. The units will be loft style, and will come with attached garage parking. Nice to see this one up and running again.
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