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Converted Bucktown Storefront Listing Loses Value, Not Hype

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Yes, we're aware this is our third write-up of this eccentric custom Bucktown dwelling (round 2 was a flub). But we offer it up again as vindication for a doubting readership: "I just can't believe this is close to a million dollar property. It's got a crummy deck and the agent is misrepresenting it as a 3 bedroom house...", offered one commenter. It continues: "It will be fun to watch this one sit on the market and/or plummet in price." Now that's just mean. But, lo and behold, that's what we've got on our hands. This listing is turning into a bloody mess: $985K last September, $935K mid-January, $895K in April, and now $829K. Hard to tell when it'll end. Maybe folks just don't want to be badgered into being cool: "If you're either cool or want to be cool, this jaw-dropping creative space is for you" goes the brokerbabble. Or could it be the "cool kids" aren't going for Bucktown anymore? We have to admit we still like the place, despite any misrepresentations. It has a 20' ceilings and a giant skylight, not to mention roof deck, jacuzzi and sauna. C'mon! The listing, still held by Brad Lippitz of Prudential Rubloff, modified its extra-hyped pitch a little bit. But there's no denying this is one excitable agent.
·Listing: 2116 N Leavitt Street [Prudential Rubloff]
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