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Three-Bed Condo In Stately Gold Coast Highrise Sells For $710K

On Dearborn and Schiller, soaring high above a row of neighboring homes, this vintage highrise, built in 1926, epitomizes Gold Coast elegance. A nicely-appointed 3-bed condo in the building, on the market for $749K, was recently snatched up for $710K. Let's have a look-see to find out what caught the buyer's eye. After passing through an ornate wood-paneled lobby, we find ourself in the stylish living area, which has the good fortune of hugging a corner of the building. The sleek galley kitchen is wanting for space but not high-end finishes. We also fancy the open-backed dining room chairs, which add some intrigue to an otherwise drab room. The 1,500-square foot home features a woodburning fireplace, hardwood floors, and extra storage space. Well there you have it. Keep soldiering on, there's one out there for you!
·Listing: 1366 N. Dearborn, Unit 11A [Coldwell Banker]