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An Uncertain Future For 3030 Broadway Plan In Lakeview East

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Momentum for the 3030 Broadway project may be slackening, according to Inside-Booster (no electronic source available). Designed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates (VDTA), it's planned for an empty lot in Lakeview that has stood stubbornly vacant since 2005, when a fire destroyed a Dominick's located on the site. There is considerable opposition from the South East Lake View Neighbors (SELVN) community group, which has been ramping up the pressure on the developer to downsize the project. Although its members would welcome a grocery store at the site, they complain that the project is too dense and will increase congestion on Broadway. One man lamented the shadows it would cast, telling Inside-Booster: "from noon on there would be no more light on the street." Inside-Booster also alluded to rumors that financing for the project may be in jeopardy, but did not go into any specifics. And there's a legal issue entangling the property that relates back to Mayor Daley's investment of pension funds in the failed plan develop the site with high-end condos and a new Dominick's. A dispute later arose between Daley and the developer, which is still ongoing and has created a cloud of uncertainty over the project.
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