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For The Citizenry: Draft Chicago Cultural Plan

The Draft Cultural Plan is out, folks, and the onus is back on you to laud it or tear it down. The city's first cultural plan in 25 years, the thrust of the whole tangle of 200 initiatives, big and small, is basically to increase cultural participation and turn creativity into innovation, thus doing good things for the local economy. Loosely organized under 36 recommendations, the biggest initiatives include construction of a second Museum Campus anchored by the Museum of Science and Industry; a dedicated year-round festival site; and, the creation of a major cultural festival for the sake of global bravado. Ridiculed for employing Toronto-based Lord Cultural Resources as the partnering consultant, give it a read to see what, if anything, blows your mind (it's 64 pages, but pictures account for at least 2/3 of it). Four town hall meetings are scheduled for the last week of July, and the final version is due this fall. [Draft Chicago Cultural Plan (PDF), photo of people getting their culture on: City of Chicago]