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Large 3-Bed South Loop Condo Tumbles Down To $480K

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Like many recently-built properties in the South Loop, this 3-bed condo on 16th and Prairie just can't catch a break. When the star-crossed home first hit the market earlier this year at $570K, the buyer was facing a loss of at least $225K right out of the gate. Since then, things have only gotten worse, with a staggering seven price chops, bringing it down to its current ask of $480K. Though the market can bear most of the blame, the over-processed, hyper-saturated real estate photos aren't doing these interiors any favors. Here's what it does have going for it: an open floor plan, 12' floor-to-ceiling windows, and location on the 21st floor and the prime views that come with it. The 2,500-square foot home also features 2 balconies, hardwood floors, see-thru fireplace, and 2 parking spaces--for an extra $50K. The listing would have you believe it's the "best deal in the South Loop". You be the judge.
·Listing: 1600 S. Prairie, Unit 2101 [Better Living Realty]