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For $750K: Vintage Rowhome With Not-So-Vintage Interiors

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Looking for your very own Lakeview East rowhome for under $800K? Then check out this 3-bed pad nestled on a quiet stretch of Burling just north of Diversey. New-to-market with an ask of $750K, it was purchased for $450K back in '01, so the seller stands to net a tidy profit. The historic residence, dating back to 1886, doesn't have the most ornate exterior, but the stained glass windows are a nice touch. On the inside the decor is clean and contemporary, typified by the slick modern fireplace in one of the bedrooms. We're also a little gaga over the 4-season all-glass sunroom. The 2,400-square foot home features high ceilings, hardwood floors, an updated kitchen, and an idyllic landscaped brick patio.
·Listing: 2929 N. Burling [@properties]