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Big Comeback: Modern SF Born Into West Loop Multi-Unit

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Flirting with prospective buyers off-and-on for more than four years, this contemporary overhaul of what looks to be an old conventional multi-unit building has returned to market with a $200K price chop ($300K under the initial list). An oddity in any neighborhood, this home garners even more attention for being in the West Loop, where single family homes are scarce to begin with. A four-story atrium funnels light down and through the 6-bed home, there's a spa-like master bath, a "restaurant" kitchen, and a sexy fireplace with a token buddha presiding. The enormous roof deck features a wet bar and hot tub. All told, there's 4,000 square feet of living space. Best of all, passing by you wouldn't know any of this was there. Starting out at $1.099M, the ask is now $799K after a two-year listing hiatus. $200/sf? Not half bad.
·Listing:1418 W Fulton St. [Dream Town]