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For $1.5M: "Live In Luxury" At 4-Bed Co-op In Lincoln Park

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Situated at Fullerton and Lakeview, an intersection dense with highrises, the 399 W. Fullerton building is nothing if not in good company. The elegant 17-story beaut is right next door to a pair of Harry Weese-designed towers and across the street from a Mies van der Rohe building. Perched up on the 14th floor, this 4-bed co-op is asking $1.5M. The large, brightly-lit entryway with herringbone floors is a fitting prelude to the classy interiors. Original woodwork abounds in the TV room, harkening back to the home's glory days. And the fully-updated kitchen atones for its small dimensions with its very own butler's pantry. The 3,300-square foot residence also boasts marble window sills, high-end appliances, granite baths, and sweeping views from the master suite.
·Listing: 399 W. Fullerton, Unit 14E [@properties]