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Ambitious Architect Expansion Envelops Keck + Keck Home

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In another indication that modest-sized homes just don't cut it anymore, a classic midcentury modern Keck + Keck home in the western suburb of Indian Head Park was entombed by a crafty but egregiously oversized expansion. We paid it brief attention last summer in a Keck + Keck round-up. The listing gives much fanfare to the sensitivity of the architect-owned undertaking, speaking of the many ways in which it drew on Keck + Keck's original structure and harmonized itself with MCM design. As far as the interiors go, we won't second guess. By-and-large, they're quite lovely. And the bridge between the old and new wings is clever and effective. But the exterior transformation can almost be considered an atrocity in terms of color and materiality. The one thing it nails are the sumptuous and generous outdoor spaces.

Starting out with a 1952 home of roughly 2,000 square feet, total interior space, including the garage, now measures 5,800 square feet. And, looking at the before & after, the original Keck + Keck home nestles much more successfully into its wooded landscape. The question on our minds, as the $1.3M listing goes under contract, is whether or not to consider this a Keck + Keck work going forward? Care to brush up on the minutia? Then rocket over to the Modern Chicago Homes listing.
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