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Ornate 6-Bed Mansion Asks $2,600/mo In Grand Boulevard

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If you're cruising for value, the 4500 block of South Michigan isn't a bad place to start. Not everyone's cup of tea, there are still neighborhood attributes deserving of attention: the staggering amount of fine architecture; proximity to the lake, Kenwood, Hyde Park, and transit; and, the affordability of it all. Still don't want to buy in the area? Consider renting a mini-mansion for the price of a 2-bed apartment downtown, or a 3-bed apartment in Hyde Park. Asking $2,600/month, this gorgeous 6/4.5 home was built in 1888 and encompasses 4,800 square feet of living space, plus a large basement for storage. A grand staircase marks the entry foyer, there's a terrace off the living room to go along with a front porch, and the top floor boasts a second kitchen, making it ideal for an in-law arrangement. Leasing immediately.
·Listing: 4560 S Michigan Ave. [Coldwell Banker]