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Comment of the Day

"This was the North American Cold Storage Warehouse, built in the 1890s with tile arch ceilings. As a cold storage building it had no windows and, if my recall is correct, 18 inches of dense horsehair insulation around the perimeter that had to be manually sheared away. Harry Weese converted this to condos in the early 80s. It was way over budget due to a number of unanticipated problems. Weese flailed away at various schemes to sell the units including, for a while, designating every other floor as commercial condos. He eventually lost control of the project to his lenders in about 1984. When you're in one of these units the arches aren't as appealing as they are in the abstract." —Joe Zekas [For $475K: Riverside Duplex w/ Rippled Ceilings, Floating Stairs]