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Set within the forsaken lands of the former Cabrini Green projects, the Stranger’s Home Missionary Baptist Church maintains a small but active congregation. Affixed to its side is one of Chicago's most iconic murals, All of Mankind by William Walker. Created in 1972 as a response to societal strife and divisiveness, the mural is a mashup of religions and civil rights figures. It's also fading away without funds to keep it in good health. Thankfully, the Chicago Public Art Group has donated a partial coat of paint as a way to draw bigger investment in the mural's preservation. Ultimately, its fate is wed to the church's ownership— should the congregation depart, the mural could face destruction unless the city steps in to buy it and utilize as a rec center, an idea that's been floated. For now, the congregation has no plans to move. [WBEZ, photo: Chicago Public Art Group]