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4,000 sf Logan Square Industrial-Chic Loft Hikes Its Ask $30K

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Last July, we wrote up this peculiar but 'way cool' listing built into a simple Fullerton Street commercial structure. At the time, the 3/2 two-story loft with 4,000 square feet of living space was asking $495,000. It left the marketplace in September. Newly re-listed, and with no apparent physical alterations, the obstinate seller has increased the price to $525,000. We're not saying the new ask's a bad fit, just wondering after the rationale. A little review to bolster the home's claims to coolness: the live/work space has gorgeous timber ceilings; a living room with ecto-cooler green floors and what looks like a built-in chalkboard; a master bath with corrugated metal; and, an "industrial style" kitchen. Perhaps best of all: the 1,800-square-foot rooftop— sturdy enough for games of b-ball. A commenter with privileged access to the space remarked in our earlier post that, while the design was not to his/her liking, the 1,500-square-foot garage could easily accommodate a bowling alley. There's a thought.
·Listing: 3317 W Fullerton St. [@properties]
·A 'Way Cool' Single-Family in Logan Square for $495,000 [Curbed Chicago]