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Modern Luxury Abounds In Custom-Built Lincoln Park 5/5

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In some areas of Lincoln Park, the formula has been simple: Tear down an old home, typically a workers cottage. Replace with ultra-luxury infill. Repeat as necessary. And while the density is often there, the exterior design can seem like an afterthought. So it's always nice when a new-build improves the aesthetics of the streetscape. Such is the case with 542 West Dickens, whose simple but elegant design excels mainly for what it doesn't try to do. Built in 2006, the 5-bed sports 12-13 foot ceilings and, for that extra touch of luxury, Birger Juell walnut flooring. Going for an ask of $4.75M, the 6,700-square footer also has a second floor terrace right off the great room. And it's right up the block from Oz Park. Tennis anyone?
·Listing: 542 W Dickens St. [Conlon]