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5/3 Kenwood Single-Fam w/ Lush Yard, Hot Tub for $3,800/mo

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It's seldom we say rent, don't buy these days. The market hasn't been very amenable to it. And while $3,800/mo may be a stiff price to pay for a house in most parts of the South Side, it's not particularly obscene for a five-bedroom, 2,450-square-foot Kenwood abode. The features certainly help make the case: except for the great room, the communal spaces are consolidated on the second floor with high ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and porches off the living room and master suite; the top floor has three bedrooms and skylights; and, best of all, the first floor bedroom/bath opens to a taut and spacious backyard w/ hot tub. Belonging to a mini 1990s subdivision at Woodlawn and 47th, this location is right on the cusp of the historic Kenwood mansion district and near enough to Hyde Park amenities and the lake. Not ready to buy, but anxious to deceive others into thinking you have? Here's your ticket.
·Listing: 4721 S Woodlawn Ave [Luxe Marketing and Sales]