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Urban Gardener Special: 2-bed Cottage w/ Huge Yard for $235K

Of all the slick realtor designations, maybe the most effective at the low end of the market is proclaiming something a great "condo alternative". When you're shopping in the 200s there's a high probability that you're resigned to a condominium purchase, particularly if you're keen on avoiding stale 'burbs and peripheral nabes. For that audience, a freestanding item like this small cottage on a large Irving Park lot can be the jackpot. It's got an impeccable front yard with well-tended gardens and a patio, charming (albeit compact) interiors with two beds, one-and-a-half baths, a sunroom/den, and an enclosed porch. The kitchen is more than passable. It's in a bit of a tricky spot for transit, as in there's no train for at least a mile in every direction. But at $235K, someone's gonna deem this a find.
·Listing: 3321 W Belle Plaine Ave. [Baird & Warner]