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Enter "The Thrilled Zone" With This PriceChopped Contempo

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Tucked away on the tree-lined quietude of Bucktown is this contemporary beauty that is anything but unassuming. As a matter of fact, it may very well suck you into "the thrilled zone", from which there's no return. Since arriving on the market in early March at $1.75M, the 4-bed, 4.5-bath home has seen six—count 'em six—price reductions, landing at its current ask of $1.48M. Clearly, we have an aggressive seller on our hands. Has it bottomed out? Only the market knows. The boldly-designed 4-story behemoth takes every advantage of its corner lot on 1935 W Dickens. Interiors are open and bright, not surprising given the dizzying array of ginormous floor-to-ceiling windows. The 5,200-square foot home also features a sauna/steamroom, fireplace, rooftop deck, and even an elevator, for when you just don't feel like walking up those all those damn stairs. On and off the market for a few years now, will this be its final appearance?
·Listing: 1935 W Dickens Ave [Property Consultants Realty]