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Vince Vaughn Tears Down Price On His Palmolive Triplex

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Last summer's discretely-listed Palmolive triplex penthouse—property of A-lister Vince Vaughn—popped up on MLS over the weekend, for $6.3M less than before. Wow! Must be a real bargain now, right? Well, Vaughn still wants $18.4M, so no. When he bought two of the building's top three floors in 2006 for $12M, it was said to be the priciest condo sale in Chicago history. At least now, with a proper listing, there's some concrete info to buttress the asking price: five beds; six baths; 12,000 square feet; and, extra special amenities like a screening room, billiards room, and Hugh Hefner's restored "playboy" office. Two celebs for the price of one?! Bet you weren't expecting that. In case you're having trouble finding uses for the panoramic coastal views, the listing agent adroitly suggests the Air & Water show. Marvelous! We're sold!
·Listing: 159 E Walton Street [Premier Relocation]
·Vince Vaughn Puts Gold Coast Penthouse Up For Sale For $24.7M [Curbed Chicago]

Palmolive Building

159 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611