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Gift Allows for Nine-Story Building at Loyola's Water Tower Campus

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Loyola University's downtown campus is about to get a little more crowded thanks to a huge donation from a grateful alum. Michael Quinlan, who worked his way up from the mailroom at McDonald's to eventually become CEO of the company, received his bachelor's and MBA from Loyola. His $40 million gift, the largest individual donation of its kind to the university, will help fund the construction of a nine-story building adjacent to Baumhart Residence Hall on Pearson. The site, located on the northeast corner of State and Pearson, is currently occupied by a five-story brick building. SCB is the firm behind the design of the modern glassy building, though we can't say for certain whether the rendering above represents the final product. In exchange for Quinlan's generosity, Loyola's business school will officially be re-branded as the Michael R. Quinlan School of Business.
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