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We imagine few homes of such elegant simplicity have endured so many complications. We're referring to a late-60s minimalist treasure on the Lake Forest shoreline that just sold in foreclosure for $1.15M, according to Dennis Rodkin of Chicago Mag. See, the owner was charged with conducting a $14.3M Ponzi scheme and fled the country. The bank seized his property and listed it for $1.45M. Prior to the tangle of criminal intrigue, the home had been listed on the open market for $4.999M and had last been purchased for $3.8M. The buyer got one hell of a deal and a really, really nice piece of modernist architecture. The 6/6 house was built for Charles "Cork" Walgreen, grandson of the drugstore's founder. It has 5,800 sf of living space and, reportedly, another 5,800 sf of basement awaiting a gentle hand. [Chicago Mag, photo: Atlas Realty]