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Gutsy Rehabs

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Whoa! SCB really knocked this one out of the park. The architecture firm, made a household name during the highrise construction boom of the past 15-20 years, has pulled off an awfully impressive 'green' warehouse conversion in the West Loop. The green design blog, Inhabitat, takes a look at the newly minted product built as the new headquarters of Walsh Construction. The 1908 warehouse, previously abandoned, was rebuilt with recycled materials and a host of advanced green systems like the SolarDuct solar thermal technology that preheats outdoor air, a rain harvesting and flow-reduction system, a green roof, and natural ventilation. Overall, annual energy savings are pegged at 42%. Hence, the LEED-Platinum rating. It's not SCB's first custom conversion by any stretch, but it might be our favorite. The images, a mix of renderings and photography, show sleek, bright, and airy spaces: ideal for an office setting. [Inhabitat, image: Steinkamp Photography]