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"Prepare To Be Impressed" By Faux-Historicist Prairie Ave Home

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On Prairie and E 18th Street there's a long, unbroken row of newer townhomes all designed to look historic. They were built as part of the Commonwealth of Mansions on Prairie Avenue project back in 2001. We came across one of the homes in the development, which just hit the market with a hefty ask of $2.6M. Award-winning interior designer John Robert Wiltgen meticulously crafted the luxurious interiors to evoke a bygone era when Prairie Avenue was still home to a number of influential Chicagoans. The 5,000-square foot home, featured in the Robb Report, is adorned with crown molding, regal draperies, and herringbone floors. And it doesn't stop there. The 4-bed property also has a wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, elevator, and terrace. Like the listing says: "prepare to be impressed."
·Listing: 1815 S. Prairie [Luxe Marketing & Sales]