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Future Lives: Pilsen Power Plant

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The Fisk Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant in the heart of Pilsen, has contributed egregious air pollution to the Pilsen community for a century. Now, with its closure approaching in September, the community has an amazing opportunity to build a new legacy for the site. When residents were asked their preference for the site's reuse back in March, park space was a paramount concern along with job growth. Happily, it looks as if officials are getting on board with both components. The Chicago Journal dropped in on a community meeting Tuesday night to find that a small riverfront park is being touted for the south portion of the 22-acre redevelopment site. Light industry or other commercial use could fill in more space. Com Ed has on-site equipment that they need to retain access to, and plant owner Midwest Generation hasn't begun to market the site yet but, surely, this is the kind of conversation Pilsenites are pleased to be having. [Chicago Journal, previously]