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Three-Bed Rowhome In Old Town Triangle Asking $1.1M

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On Lincoln and Wells, where Old Town merges with Lincoln Park, is a stretch of vintage rowhomes right out of an Edward Hopper painting. Sunbaked and slightly worn, but still elegant. Within this row we found a 3-bed residence, built in 1879. Overall, the interiors need some freshening up. And we're not so sure we'd deem the living room "elegant". With better staging and a nicer rug, then sure. But we are impressed with the updated kitchen and bathroom. The 2,400-square feet property features 11' ceilings, new front windows, heated floors, and a patio. There's also a relaxing roof top deck. On the market for $1.1M, the seller got it for $825K just two years ago.
·Listing: 1826 N. Lincoln Ave. [Coldwell Banker]