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The Ask Plummets On Landmark Henry Rohkam House

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Once upon a time, this very special Lake View home had near-$4M market ambitions. This marks our third visit to this 19th-century 6/6 mansion set on three-and-a-half city lots. The first was celebratory, the second a homecoming with a price reset, and now, it's all about epic dysfunction. Don't get us wrong, we're absolutely in love with this house: the 'high Victorian' has incredible ornament inside and out, a matching 2,000-square-foot coach house, a gazebo, and a very modern kitchen. The clever little listing slideshow depicts a few rooms with and without wallpaper treatments (we prefer with). The problem is strictly pricing and timing. Hitting the market in the catastrophic spring of '08, $3.9M quickly became $3.15M and then, a couple years later, the cuts came fast and furious. The ask is now just $2.195M— a 44% overall reduction. Built for Henry Rohkam, a founder of Northwest Terra Cotta, the exterior is adorned with the company's wares including intricate allegorical panels depicting the nobility of hard work. Who'd have thought this sale would be such hard work?
·Listing: 1048 W Oakdale Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]
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