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Comment of the Day

"And your point is? The Reliance Building had been abandoned for years and was a "dump" in 1994 before it was renovated. Would it have been OK to tear that down too? How about the Uptown Theater? That's a "dump" right now, should we just sit back and allow it to be razed? Much of the city's absolutely phenomenal, priceless, and unique fabric is being shredded year after year. We need to step in and slow this wherever possible. I was just down in Lawndale last night shopping for Greystones and it's depressing to know that 100s of them have already met the wrecking ball due to economic malaise. The last thing we should do is condone the government-sponsored "urban renewal" of buildings that are considered "dumps"." —Louis Van Der Wright [CornerSpotter: Hint: Baby Step in the Systemic Change of South Side Housing]