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Lake View Luxe w/ Rooftop Fireplace Re-Lists For $3.2M

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We gotta say, as decadent as this home is, it's nice to see some seamless infill in prosperous 'hoods. You know, something that isn't transparent and doesn't stand two stories higher than the neighbors. Re-listing after 16 months off the market, and now fully complete, this 7,000-square-foot contemporary Greystone packs a ton into a standard Chicago lot. Let's see, you've got 10' ceilings and a family room with 18' ceilings, a swirling open staircase cutting through the core of the home, radiant heat floors, marbly bathrooms, a sauna, hot tub, wet bar, and a plush roof deck with fireplace. That would be one of three fireplaces and one of four decks. As for beds and baths, there's six of the former and six-and-a-half of the latter. We're not crazy about the medley of custom lighting fixtures— seems a little scatterbrained. Asking $3.2M (a tidy sum for Lake View), is it worth the price tag?
·Listing: 550 W Oakdale Ave. [Marius Tatarunas]