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Big Adjustments At The Clare

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Are you retirement age? Crave city living but wish to be blissfully sealed off from its chaotic aspects? Luxury senior developments are the obvious fit, but the price of such full-service exclusivity is too high for most. The first incarnation of The Clare at Water Tower is a study in overpricing such a lifestyle. The second incarnation is just the opposite. Joe Zekas at YoChicago noticed that asking prices on MLS listed one- and two-bed units at The Clare have just been drastically slashed under new ownership. One-beds that once asked between $525,000 and $937,985 are now priced at the same rock bottom price of $253,500! This despite a considerable range in square footage and building location. Two-beds have been repriced at $432,250. Lest you lose your mind over such a steal, Zekas reminds that assessments are still an astronomical $2,700-$4,400/month. [YoChicago, previously]