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Matching Draperies Fold Off Wallpaper Like Malignant Growths

The Roots said it best, we think: Step into the realm, you're bound to get caught. In other words, prepare yourself for some surprises should you intrude upon this sinisterly-camoflauged lounge space. It's not that we dislike the print, it's that we're into knowing where walls end and adornments begin. This 4-bed vintage co-op's other rooms manage to do that successfully, and tastefully we might add. There's an especially malignant growth-like quality to the window curtains and cascading draperies that consume this one room. The yellow underbelly doesn't help. It's like a David Lynch set piece— kinda awesome, yet a place of deeply disturbed psychology. Have we sold you yet? If so, the stately Gold Coast co-op can be yours for $697,500 (plus $2,448 in monthly assessments), down from $1.1M in late 2009.
·Listing: 12 E Scott St. #3 [Coldwell Banker]