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Rendering BRT

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CTA Prez Forrest Claypool shared some insights with transit writers in a meeting last week, and Chicago Now's CTA Tattler blog is rolling out the info topic by topic. Yesterday, the blog reported the latest on Chicago's planned BRT lines: Jeffery, Western, and The Loop. Claypool hesitates to call the Jeffery corridor a true BRT— with a budget of only $11M, it will lack things like raised station platforms and total roadway segregation. What's learned from Jeffery will be applied to Western and The Loop for what hopes to be a more satisfying ride. In the meantime, check out the conceptual rendering for the Western corridor. It doesn't' give away much, but it's clearly no Bogota or Curitiba. We have to cross to the middle of Western to catch a bus? Great. [CTA Tattler]