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Idyllic Gut-Rehabbed Bungalow Wants $700K in The Villa

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A postcard California Bungalow, this century-old 4/4 hails from The Villa, a wedge of extra saucy Irving Park homes. According to the listing agent, it made an appearance in the book Bungalow Nation. We can see why. The "California" style isn't predominant in Chicago, and true California Bungalows aren't made of brick. However, this still has the low-slung massing, broad front porch, and close relationship to greenery that typify that style. The house was "taken to the studs" and tastefully reassembled with a great layout and a second floor addition. The 3,000-square-foot home has a laundry list of attractions, such as a cool caged staircase, open kitchen w/ extra breakfast room, a pergola-topped back deck, balcony, basement darkroom, skylights, and a wood-burning fireplace. And, you get to flaunt that 'Villa' plaque to any guests who forget what neighborhood they're in. The 50' x 113' lot allows for sizable front and back yards and a two-car garage. Listing two weeks ago, the initial ask is $699,900.
·Listing: 3637 N Avers Ave. [@properies]