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A Thousand Cuts For Lake View's Clumsy Castle

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The castle needs more fortifications! Make haste! A torrent of needling cuts have been visited upon the seat of Lake View's royal family over a span of nearly two years. Starting out at $1.9M, the ask is all the way down to $1.35M. When we first attended to the listing, in January 2011, it was asking $1.725M. We know asking prices don't mean much, but this is still a major miscalculation by the seller. Decked out in tell-tale signs of regal delusion, the monster castle has a crenelated parapet roof, a "formal entry gallery" guarded by intimidating suits of armor, a cloudy sky-painted master bedroom, and 8,000-square-feet of escapism. Other less theme-driven features include built-in surround sound, a garage-top roof deck, patio, sauna, and five fireplaces. Oh yeah, and six each of bedrooms and baths. Which of you knights expects to seize the castle, and thus, the kingdom?
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