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Emotive Lightshow Rendered For Roosevelt Collection

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[Source: YouTube]

Roosevelt Collection, the mixed-use development in a protracted search for mixed uses, is apparently getting ready to overhaul its lighting design— a definite strategy to help court the heavy hitters. There've been rumors of an Apple Store location touching down at the site along with a who's who of moderately-upscale national retailers, but nothing much has happened in the three years since construction finished. That'll have to change if The Collection hopes to compete with another major development planned for Roosevelt & Canal. That plan calls for 430 units and less insular retail spaces, and it'll parachute right into an established big box corridor.

So what's The Collection to do? As new owner McCaffery Interests aggressively courts retailers, they've also come up with a jazzy new lighting design, along with Lightswitch Architectural, that basically makes the courtyard one continuous lightshow (see above, and below). Nice. It'll be interesting to see how this jibes with recent renderings for a revamped center "Green". Another favorable development for The Collection is McCaffery's recent $145M loan acquisition— intended for more residences. While you ponder The Collection's potential, flip off the lights and take in the full minute of soothing transitions. Hat tip to Spyguy for reposting the videos on Skyscraper Page.
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[Source: YouTube]

Roosevelt Collection

150 W Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60605