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Affordable 1-Bed Condo In Bertrand Goldberg's Astor Tower

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Finding something affordable in the Gold Coast is obviously a challenge. So we were pleasantly surprised to happen upon this one-bed condo for sale in Astor Tower. The landmark 25-story modern gem is elevated off the ground in dramatic fashion by a series of tall, thin columns. It was designed by Mr. Marina City himself, Bertrand Goldberg. On the market for an even $200K, the 8th-floor corner unit offers nice vantage points of the surrounding buildings. Large 10' floor-to-ceiling windows make the 900-square-foot residence feel considerably more spacious than it actually. The decor may need some updating, by which we mean to say it's high time to banish the "retro" lime green kitchen. There's also a rooftop deck, and, happily this is one of the tallest buildings in the area.
·Listing: 1300 N. Astor, Unit 8D [Koenig & Strey]