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DePaul's New Theatre School Building Progressing Nicely

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At Fullerton and Racine in Lincoln Park, DePaul's new Theatre School building is now hard to miss. There's been a ton of progress since our last trip to the site, when it was little more than a glorified hole in the ground. The steel has risen nearly to its final height and the outline of the signature black box theater is clearly visible from Fullerton. Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli, the 175,000-square foot building will accommodate DePaul's highly-ranked theatre and music schools, along with administrative offices, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, and design studios. The elegant, modern structure is quite the departure from DePaul's recent crop of buildings. It promises to have a strong interaction at street level as passersby will be able to look in on the various workshops taking place inside. Construction is expected to wrap in July 2013.
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