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Horatio Norton House, Queen of Queens, Asks $980K

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Why be a googly-eyed spectator in the life of Oak Park's Frank Lloyd Wright district when you can fully immerse yourself in it. OK, we get the downside. Perhaps that has something to do with why this immaculate and gargantuan precursor to most of the neighborhood's Wrights hasn't yet sold. On-and-off the market more than once since first listing in December 2009, the bottom hasn't fallen out just yet on the Horatio Norton House. The Queen Anne's ask has reduced by a total of $210K to $980K where it's been holding since February. For better or for worse, the 3rd floor and detached coach house are currently being rented (your rent, ultimately). Still, there's 3,500 square feet of primary living space defined by rich hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, art glass, new baths, and an unparalleled wraparound porch with intricate detailing. Have a gander!
·Listing: 401 N Forest Ave, Oak Park [Baird & Warner]