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Neighbor Beefs

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The community of West Rogers Park sought to deny the conversion of a hot dog stand to a mosque back in 2010. You may recall, the Wall Street Journal sought to hype it up. But, unlike the nasty anti-mosque protests that inflamed NYC a couple years ago, this ostensibly had more to do with the removal of a retail space from tax rolls and the fact that the area already has several mosques. The city zoning board did in fact deny Faizan-e-Madina Inc. a special-use permit, but, owing to a clerical error, the group won an appeal. The group now owns the stand and merely awaits a building permit to ramp up the conversion. The objections have receded, but one quiet complaint is that the group should tear down and build anew. What, flaming neon Vienna dogs and religion don't mix? [Crain's, previously]