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CTA Secures Grant To Overhaul 95th St. Terminal

The CTA is getting a little help from Uncle Sam in its efforts to overhaul the Red Line's 95th Street terminal. It was awarded a $20 million federal grant, which will cover about 15 percent of the project's $140 million price tag. The busy, intermodal station not only serves the Red Line, but also CTA, Pace, and Greyhound buses. All told, around 20,000 commuters travel through its doors each day. As CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan told the Trib, the station has "reached capacity, and current conditions do not allow for optimal bus operations and pedestrian movements." The CTA hopes to begin the work in 2014 after the $425 million rebuild of the south branch of the Red Line is complete. Sounds like a compounded headache for South Side commuters in the short term. [Trib]