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Duplex Condo Lists at the Standout Marshall Field Jr. Mansion

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Since 30,000 square feet is probably much too much for anyone not named Michael Jordan, when the historic Marshall Field Jr. Mansion was restored it was brought to market as six condos instead of one whopping estate. Oh yeah, and there's considerably more money to be made by subdividing. That was 2003 and all the developer-owned units have long since sold. Making its return to market, this 2-bed duplex is no great departure from Daniel Burnham's original design. The staid atmosphere is big on heavy draperies, neutral colors, and stone. The furniture, while likely not a buyer's concern, is a hodgepodge of styles that distracts a little from the home's basics. Some nice modernizations include the study, wet bar, sauna, and master suite with vaulted ceilings. The unit covers 3,700 square feet on the second and third floor of the mansion. The gated entry takes you across sculpted gardens— your sole outdoor space. While we're not quite as keen on this condo as we are on this one, it's still as substantial chunk of one of Chicago's proudest mansions. That oughta be enough to get this thing sold. The ask? $1,945,000. To big? To expensive? Luckily another, simpler unit hit the market a couple weeks ago— in the mansion's coach house. It's plenty large, but is only asking $775K.
·Listing: 1919 S Prairie Ave. #3 [Century 21]