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For $450K: Riverbend Condo With Mindbending Views

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On the river's edge, just west of Wolf Point, sits one of the pioneering residential high-rises of the Fulton River District. Known as the Residences at Riverbend, its inelegant design is especially disappointing given the prominence of the site. But what it lacks in design, it more than makes up for with views. Take this 1-bed, 1,100-square foot condo on the 16th floor. For $450K, you'll be treated to these awe-inducing, panoramic views of the city. If you do manage to tear yourself away from the balcony, there's actually a really nice apartment inside, including a pretty slick kitchen w/ breakfast bar. But with recently unveiled plans to develop Wolf Point with 3 towers—one coming as early as 2014—these views are already an endangered species.
·Listing: 333 N. Canal, Unit 1607 [Koenig & Strey Real Living]