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For $185K: Far North Bungalow With Sunken Modernist Wing

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Enveloped in this darling little 19th century abode in West Rogers Park is a flurry of 1950s modernism. Were referring to the indelicate sunken space off the home's backside. That's not to say we've any disdain for the addition, which flattens out the living spaces and uses a wall of floor-to-ceiilng windows to connect the interiors to a scrumptious little yard. The addition looks to have roughly doubled the size of the house, now measuring 1,700 square feet with three bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths. It also introduced a colossal fireplace and mirror wall for "expanding" the space further. Subsequent treatments to the older portion of the house has helped blunt the transition (wood cladding, glass block windows, tile floors, and loud paint jobs). The partially-finished basement is a perfect bar, lounge, or rec space. New-to-market, the initial ask is $185K.
·Listing: 6457 N Damen Ave. [Dream Town]