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Compact 2-Bed Townhome Asks $2,350/mo in Ranch Triangle

Today's Rent, Don't Buy selection is a landless townhome (except for what's beneath it) on Bissell Street in the Ranch Triangle section of Lincoln Park. When we say don't buy, it's not necessarily because renting represents a huge financial coup, but because you might not want to get yourself too invested in a townhome with no yard that backs up against the Brown Line tracks. But if Lincoln Park's your bag, or just to be able to say you've had the single family experience, then a year or two in these cozy confines may sit just fine. The rent?$2,350—could be a lot worse for a 1,700-square-foot two-bed with private roof deck, wood-burning fireplace, central air, and washer/dryer. The high-walled rooftop is meant to buffer you (and the neighborhood) from train noise, but there's no telling how successful it actually is.
·Listing: 1664 N Bissell St. [Zillow]